10 Ways I Show my Love to my Kids

Tiger girl

Tiger girl smiling

Love is what makes the world go round. It is strong feeling of affection or a great interest/pleasure in something.

Without Love one may be nursing feeling of loneliness, bitterness or other negative feelings. This will eat into our core and turn ourselves into a nasty person. I’m sure that one wouldn’t want to end up as such a person.

Even though we do need our individual space at time we do crave for the attention and presence of others around us to dote on us.

Here are some ways that I show my love to my kids

1. I spend time with them and do the activities that they like together with them.

2. Shower them with hugs and kisses

3. Take time to explain to them and show them how to do things when they do not know how to or make a mistake.

4. Understand their needs and wants and let them know how important they are to me.

5. Respect their views and opinions.

6. Let them win however not all the time.

7. Give them your full attention when they are around.

8.  Make them laugh and laugh with them.

9. I make home a fun place to be.

10.  We cook and clean together.

How do you show your love to your kids?