Writer’s Workshop: Just Said It

Tiger girl and Doggie boy

Tiger girl and Doggie boy

The kids and I have been really busy these few weeks as school is into full swing. ECA has started for Monkey boy and he has badminton practice twice a week. It has been really hectic shuttling the kids from one class to another.

It is amazing that with the limited time we get to spend with each other we can be engaged in the strangest conversations.

Here are 8 things that I recall saying to the kids.

1) While chilling out before dinner

Me -“You say that your rocket runs on cake so do you have a chef and what type of cake is it? Tiramisu? Chocolate?”

Monkey boy: It’s just cake.. normal cake!!
(If you are wondering we were talking about the rocket that he and Doggie boy build in Minecraft)

2) On  Sunday night

Monkey boy- ” Mummy I need to have my school uniform ironed for tomorrow”

Me- ” Okay .. here is your school uniform.. iron it yourself… and since you are at it do iron this school uniform for your brother       too.”

(For the record he did iron both sets of school uniform for himself and Doggie boy)

3) While out grocery shopping

Doggie boy- ” The groceries are heavy!! Can you help me carry my bags?”

Me-” No I can’t!! The groceries that I am carrying are very heavy too and if you would like we can exchange bags.”

4) When the timer rings after 10 minutes

Tiger girl- ” I still want to use the iPAd”

Me-” No your can’t continue to use it . The iPad needs to sleep now. It is tired”

5) While having dinner

Monkey boy- ” Why so much??(vegetables)

Me- ” You certainly love SO MUCH…so I am giving you SOOOOOOO Much (Add more vegetables to his plate)

6) After dinner 

Monkey boy-” Can I have some Oreo Ice-cream to eat?”

Me- ” Yes you can after you have scooped some Chocolate ice-cream for me and some Strawberry ice-cream for your sister. ”

7) Random Thoughts

Monkey boy- ” Mummy you said before I was overdue for two days before you gave birth to me. Why is that so?”

ME-” I don’t know.. Why don’t you ask GOD??”

8)While walking home

Tiger girl-” I can’t walk anymore. Mummy carry me”

Me- ” You can’t walk? You can jump, skip or fly then.”

What have you been saying to you kids lately?

Any funny snippets to share?


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