Ice Sculpture

Ice sculpture by the roadside
Ice sculpture by the roadside

During our road trip to Shirato Falls we saw this lovely ice sculpture at the entrance of the grounds. Doesn’t it look really interesting with the icicle formation along a fence?

Growing the ice sculpture
Growing the ice sculpture

It must have taken quite a long while to grow the sculpture to such thickness. I could see the ice melting away at certain sections of the sculpture and they were re-enforcing it with a spray gun. I wonder what type of liquid they use for this to happen as it certainly couldn’t have been just plain water.

Monkey boy posing for a picture
Monkey boy posing for a picture


Have you seen such sculptures around?

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26 thoughts on “Ice Sculpture”

  1. These are so cool, i have never seen ice sculptures up close and personal. I do wonder how do they keep it from melting.

  2. I have never seen anything like this before, it is really cool. When I looked at the first photo I thought it was a frozen plant, but how interesting that it is sprayed. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hari OM
    WOW!! that is amazing. I have never seen anything manufactured like this – though having been up closes and personal with a glacier gives me an idea of the impact. Love the first photo here. YAM xx

  4. Completely beautiful! Reminds me of some pics I have seen lately of Niagara Falls during this ‘polarvortex.’ On a much smaller scale of course. Visiting via Crafty Spices Wordless Wed link up.

  5. That is so cool. The kids swimming pool in our neighborhood was left running, it had on of those mushroom looking toppers and it froze one year. It created some cool icicles.

  6. I wish to see ice sculptures and snow too. But being in a tropical country that wish won’t come true nit unless I’ll go to country that has 4 seasons, hehe. Nice sculptures bye the way, that’s wonder of nature.

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