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Persian Salad with tomatoes

There are many different  things that I like at the moment. I’ve started a few changes to my routines this January and am loving seeing how the changes have benefited me so far.

Here is a list of 5 of the things that I currently like.

1. Eating more salads.
I make salad a twice a week and incorporate more varied vegetables into our family diet since starting menu planning.  I simply love the Persian Salad with tomatoes which is really easy to make. I found this recipe from the book on Tomatoes and tomato dishes which I borrowed from the library.

The kids on the swing at the playground

The kids on the swing at the playground

2. Playing with the kids.

It is fun having them around and we can go crazy on the swings and slides in the park or even playing catch. Sometimes when it is raining and we have to stay indoors it is fun  having a race with the remote control cars or playing dress up or dollhouse.




3. Listening to my favourite KPop groups.

CNBlue, Shinee, Super Junior are on my playlist  and are the boy band groups which the kids and I love listening to.


4.Watching Korean Drama online. 

The Korean Drama- You who came from the stars staring Kim Soo Hyun is one of my current favourite show. The other Korean drama which I am watching is The Prime Minister and I. Both these shows are really addictive.

Books to read

Books to read

5.Reading Photography and cookbooks

I’m actively pursing my interest in photography and polishing up my cooking skills. The three books above are the latest addition to the stash of books which I am slowly making my way through.

What are the things you currently like?

What would your recommend ?

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