The Ravens of Solemano

Book Cover

Book Cover

The Ravens of Solemano or The Order of the Mysterious Men in Black (The Young Inventors Guild) by Eden Unger Bowditch  is  the 2nd book of the series. Aim at kids aged 8 and above this book brings the reader on a magical journey through the eyes of a group of young invetors.

44 Chapters long this book talks about the adventures of a group of young inventors and their travels. They were on a train which they boarded in Ohio with their parents when suddenly something unfortunate happened. They were forced off the train and heard an explosion coming from the train.

When the 5 kids returned to the train they found their parents gone and their journals were all missing. Their train adventure soon turned to a boat one when they were made to travel by ship to their next destination.

Miss Brett their teacher acted as their guardian and they traveled around with mysterious men in black who seem to be protecting them against an unknown enemy -Komar Romak.

My thoughts

I haven’t read the first book so was a bit lost in the beginning  of the story. However as I started to read more pages I got more engrossed as the plot unraveled.

I would certainly recommend this book to anyone who love reading mystery stories.

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