Keep Christ in Christmas

Are you looking forward to Christmas? The kids and I certainly do!!


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The kids

The kids

In this season of advent the kids and I are focusing on being thankful for all the gifts that GOD has showered upon us this year.

They are certainly blessed as we are living in a country that is free from natural disasters. With reports of typhoons and floods in neighbouring countries and thousands of people losing the homes and jobs because of them it has certainly been a really eventful 2013.  Now is certainly the time we need to put in more effort to ensure that we have Christ in our lives.

This year the kids and I will be focusing on opening up our hearts and showing our kindness to people around us. Being grateful and showing thanks for what we have. The boys will be writing a gratitude journal and we will also talk about how to keep the spirit of Christ alive within our family.

How do you intend to keep Christ in Christmas?