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Photo by photoxpress


Marriage- the union of man and women in which is recognized by GOD and the law.  It is something which I decided on when I was 21. It has always been a decision which I have not regretted.

It takes both person to keep the marriage healthy and alive.  Both the husband and the wife both play important parts in this union that has been blessed by GOD and relations.  If one or the other does not put in effort in maintaining the marriage it can easily fall apart.

There is a lot of difference having  just a functional marriage and a successful marriage. One is simply just going through the motions of a married couple while the other is really living and enjoying being in the marriage.

These few years I have been reading up on how I could bring  more sparks into my married life. Being married for 12 years I too had my fair share of ups and downs with the  tribulations that I had to endure. Having read many different psychological books on relationships I have come to this conclusion.

The top 5 secrets to a successful marriage are

1. Focus on Martial Peace.

It is important to have peace in the family. If there is constant bickering and tension in a marriage you will not be able to create a conducive home environment for the kids. Their mental well being will certainly be affected if they constantly see both parents at odds with each other at home.

2. Showing Gratitude and acknowledgement towards each other.

Being appreciate and showing gratitude towards your spouse is something that is sometimes overlooked. Everyone seeks affirmation  from the people who they care about.  Telling a child that he has done well would see him grinning from cheek to cheek like a Cheshire cat. I’m sure that everyone likes that kind of feeling. A little thank you note or a hug would certainly brighten up my  whole day.

3.Put GOD first, Husband 2nd then Kids 3rd

Many a time we get the order wrong. If there is no GOD in our home it will be extremely difficult to maintain peace and warm relationship between it’s occupants.  Even though kids do take up a lot of our time and attention we should seek never to neglect our duty to GOD and our spouse.

4. Show respect to each other

Marriage is easily torn apart when one party of both do not show respect for each others believes and values. To ridicule or be sarcastic to one’s spouse only shows that you have allowed the evil inclination to take over you and tear the union that you have apart. Sometimes it can be best to remain silent if you disagree as words  can leave more hurt than one can imagine.

5. Have a common goal in your marriage

It has taken us quite some time to come up with our marriage goals. You can say that these goals are constantly evolving as we age and the kids grow up. It is more then just being there for each other.  To fully support and trust each other is the goal that we are constantly working at. I find this the most important factor in our marriage.


What are your tips for a successful marriage?






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