Writer’s Workshop: Quite a lot Learnt this Week

Tiger girl's Hello Kitty Cake

Tiger girl’s Hello Kitty Cake

This week has really been a hectic week. The kids are having their mid term holidays and have the whole week off from school. In fact their holidays started from last week Thursday afternoon as they celebrated Teacher’s Day in school that day.

Even though school is out for the week there has been quite a lot of learning done.

I’ve learned

1. Turning Three is certainly more fun then Turning Two

Tiger girl turns Three today and we have been celebrating her birthday the whole week with the kids going out almost every day to have fun.

Turning from two to three has seen a lot of difference in the dynamics that the kids have with each other.  Tiger girl is able to communicate much better now with her brothers and they too have learned to how to be more accommodating towards their younger sister.

This week I have seen both brothers take turn in looking after their sister while playing at the play gym. They patiently help her climb from one platform to another and carry her through the obstacles that were a bit difficult for her to maneuver through.

Even though they are 6 and 9 years old they are mature enough to take care of her. She too looks out for her brothers and cares for them too in her own little ways.

2. Cutting the cake is certainly more fun then eating it

I didn’t have time to bake a cake for Tiger girl this year so we bought 2 cakes from the store and custom made our own design for her. She loves Hello kitty so we got a mini Hello Kitty cake and placed it on top of the Green Tea cake which we bought.

She only took 2 spoons from the slice of cake I cut out for her and promptly pushed the plate over to me and demanded that I finished it up for her. Next time I will be choosing the flavour which I enjoy eating instead of what she fancies.

What have you learned this week?


My three kids

My three kids

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