10 Things I look forward to seeing Doggie Boy doing

Doggie boy

Doggie boy

There are many things that I wish for my child Doggie boy in particular.  He is more sensitive then his elder brother and not as outspoken and outgoing.  Both brother’s characters are polar opposites and it takes him a long time to digest information which has been taught to him.

Nevertheless I am looking forward to the day where he be able to do the following.

  1. Cook me dinner
  2. Willing do his homework without procrastinating and be happy to study.
  3. Having fun and playing with his siblings without squabbling.
  4. Pursue his dream with passion.
  5. Find love and best friends.
  6. Be good in swimming
  7. Enjoy playing the piano and music.
  8. Speak fluently in Mandarin and  Cantonese
  9. Be at peace with himself.
  10. Be able to cope and  be independent.

What do you look forward to seeing your child do?