Enjoying Delicious Milk with Greenfields

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Greenfields milk

Greenfields milk



My kids and I have always loved drinking milk. Ever since they were one they have been introduced to fresh milk. I prefer choosing fresh milk over formula or UHT packet milks for the kids. I feel that it means offering them the wholesome goodness of fresh milk as a source of deriving calcium, vitamin A, B and Zinc for their growing bodies .

For me, it is important that the kids be served milk that is real.  They should only have milk which has  No additives, chemicals, antibiotics and is hormone free.  Another important factor is that it should taste good too!!

Doggie boy drinking chocolate milk

Doggie boy drinking Chocolate Malt milk

Greenfields is one brand of milk which my kids and I love to drink. They love drinking the Chocolate Malt from their range of milk and it was the first 1L packet which they finished up within a day.  The yummy chocolate malt taste isn’t too over powering and thick. The three kids can easily drink a cup of chocolate  milk in the morning and another cup before bed at night.

Greenfields Factory

Greenfields factory is located in East Java which is near Singapore. It only take 2-3 days to ship their milk over here as compared to the 6-7  days delivery time for milk which comes from Australia /New Zealand. Their milk is just all natural honest milk. Our milk is produced, pasteurised and packed  within the dairy and it is single-pasteurised, ensuring optimal freshness.

Besides just drinking the milk from the packet, I do use milk in many dishes which we eat at home.

Here are some simple dishes which the kids have made using milk.

Milk Pudding

Ingredients for Milk Pudding

Ingredients for Milk Pudding

Doggie boy loves eating pudding so during the holidays we got a packet of instant pudding mix from the supermarket for him to try out. Following the instructions in the back he only needed to add milk and water to the pudding before mixing it over a low flame.

Making the pudding

Making the pudding

He followed through the steps under supervision and added in all the necessary ingredients before whisking it under a small flame to ensure that it was well mixed. When the mixture was well mixed, it was poured out into the moulds and left to chill in the fridge for 3 hours.  It certainly tasted yummy with the milk giving it the extra creamy texture.


Creamy Mash Potatoes

Making mash potatos

Making mash potatoes

Mash potatoes is something which Monkey boy loves to eat. Each time we eat out at KFC it is one side dish which he will never fail to order.

It is actually very simple to be done and can be made at home easily.

The ingredients that you need are

– Potatoes

– butter

– milk


1) De skin the potatoes and half them before putting them into boiling water.

2) When the potatoes are soften drain away the water and mash them.

3) Add in milk and butter until desired consistency and texture.

Mash potatoes with steamed vegetables.

Mash potatoes with steamed vegetables.

The milk which is added to the mash potatoes make it smooth and creamy and the kids simply loved it.

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Greenfields Milk available in 2-Litres(All except Fair Price),1-litre, 500ml and 200ml packs at leading supermarkets and convenience stores island wide.

It normally sells for $5.95 for a 2- Litres bottle, $3.25 for a 1 Litre pack, $2.20 for a 500ml  and $1.20 for a 200ml packet (at 7 Eleven stores only)




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