Writer’s Workshop: A Few Random facts about Me

R and Me

R and Me

Last week I  wrote about my May Bucket List. This week I will be sharing with your some random facts about myself.


1. I am a sticker for lists and make it a point to finish what I set out to do.

In fact I can already cross off the item  “Learn how to use Manga Studio 5.0” on the list I wrote last week as I’ve been hard at work since last week learning the in’s and outs of this software. If you are interested to try out this software there is a giveaway for it  which is currently running on the blog.

2. I would really like to get a pilot license and sailors license even though I have phobia of falling and water.

During my teenage years I was invited to  join the youth flying club and take flying lessons. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time and cash for the lessons so I stuck to piano and violin instead. It would be cool to be able to take to the air like my cousin P who recently got his commercial helicopter pilot licence or my dad who was a ship’s  1st officer in his younger days. The best way to get rid of phobias is to face it head on.

3.  I will be celebrating my 12 wedding anniversary soon and we be going to Jeju island, Korea.

R knows that I do love watching Korean Dramas and what better way then to let me indulge in the scenic places which were the backdrops for many Drama serials which I have watched. We didn’t get to visit Jeju island last year when we went to Korea so it’s on the list of places to go this year 🙂

4. I hated art as a kid.

It was one of the subjects which I liked the least and wouldn’t do if I had the option. However now that I am older  I am less resistant to it and would gladly attend painting/drawing sessions with my friends.  In fact as you read this I’ll be at an Art workshop at HEARTS studio.

5. I love Hello Kitty and Teddy bears

I still go for such cutesy items at my age. It does help that Tiger girl loves Hello Kitty and Doggie boy likes Teddy bears too. It gives me the prefect excuse to increase my current collection.


6. I choose tea over coffee or alcohol any day

I love drinking all types of teas, green tea, fruit tea, flower tea etc.  I will not touch coffee or alcohol if I have the choice. Even though I have tasted them before those are beverages which I do not fancy.  However if R is really into coffee I will willingly sign up for a Barista course so I can make the prefect cup of coffee for him.


What random facts of yourself are you willing to share?

Do you too have some of these hidden desires?

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