Writer’s Workshop: Very Intense Heat

Photo by Photoxpress.com

Photo by Photoxpress.com

The sun a source of energy and light for the whole world. Without it’s presence our world will be engulfed in darkness and cease to exist as we know it. Even though it is an importance source of light and heat it can be unbearable at times.

Living near the equator in Singapore at 1.3667° N, 103.7500° E we experience the sun all year round. Sometimes it can really get overbearing with all the heat. This week alone the temperature has soared to 34 Degrees Celsius (93.2F) and it was really scorching hot. I have been wanting to get away to a place which has a cooler climate as I personally prefer for the weather to be in the 15-25 Degrees Celsius range. That would certainly be ideal for me to have this temperature all year round which unfortunately Singapore doesn’t have.

I can feel the rays of the sun penetrating my skin when I drive. The UV rays are really intense and wearing sun block is a certain must if you are going outside during the day.  Dry heat is something which is still bearable for me but being in the tropics with the humidity levels of 80-90% it is both hot and humid. It can be stifling and suffocating outside especially if there isn’t any breeze.

You will find me hiding away in the comforts of an air-conditioned room if it was possible. Intense heat and me really don’t mix. I would literally melt in the sun or come back burnt if I was out in the hot sun for the whole afternoon.  If I am unlucky I would end up with a splitting headache the next day due to the heat.

Do you prefer it hot or cold?

Does the heat give you a headache too?


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