Weekend Reflections: Building your Nest

Bird Nest

A Swallow’s  Nest

Step by step, piece by piece.  The little bird takes the piece of twine and adds it to the nest that it is building. It is a labor of love as it creates it home where it would dwell.  This nest   is it’s priced possession as it was made to give it  protection and comfort from the harsh elements in the environment.

As a parent we too build up our own nest for our kids. We hope that in this place of dwelling that we create is able to provide our kids both physical and mental comforts. A safe haven which they can retreat to on a daily basis. Somewhere which they can get away from the daily stresses of life and recharge.  A place of support where one is allowed to be vulnerable and connect with your inner self. A place for reflections and pondering about the journey of life.

A space for spiritual development and character building where we lovingly fill in the colors to the canvases that we were given to paint on.  A sanctuary for the tired and hungry where no judgement is being passed on the individuals who dwell in the space.

Our outlook on live will affect the atmosphere in our nest. The positive or negative vibes which we have would filter onto our kids and affect their way of thinking  and perspective of the world.  We can either give them the motivation and support to see them through their struggles and challenges which they may face or tear then down with our words and actions.

How are you building your nest?



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