Writer’s Workshop: Some Fruits this Spring

Water Apples
Water Apples

We don’t really experience Spring or the four seasons staying  here in the tropics. It is either hot and humid or wet and humid. However during different times of the year there are different types of fruits in season.

During our recent road trip to Malaysia we brought the kids to the Desaru Fruit Farms. Being City kids they have yet to experience how it is like to be at a farm and see fruits still growing on the tree. Most of their encounters with fruit is based on seeing them neatly packed or stacked in boxes when we visit the supermarket.


We saw a variety of seasonal fruits at the farm. I didn’t manage to snap many pictures of the different fruits as there was a heavy downpour while we were on the fruit farm tour and had to run for shelter  to wait till the rain subsided before continuing with the tour.  Certain fruits were not in season so I didn’t manage to see the fruit on the tree as yet.

If you think that this Pomelo in the picture above look huge wait till you look at the jack fruit in the next photo which I snapped.

Jack fruit

This jack fruit weighed approximately 30kg and was considered medium sized. The guide told us that it is possible for the fruit to weigh up to 60kg or more.

Dragon Fruit

This is one fruit which I love to eat. It looks similar to kiwi inside and is soft and juicy. I have used this fruit as a topping for a chocolate cake which I baked once. The color of the fruit is really vibrant.

Thousand finger banana (Banana Musa)
Thousand finger banana (Banana Musa)

Each  banana on this  long stalk is only 1 1/2″ long. This banana is mainly use for prayers instead of being eaten. Have you seen this type of banana before?

What fruits have you been eating?

What is your favourite?

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18 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Some Fruits this Spring”

  1. Hi Dominique ~~ I’ve been eating apples, oranges, bananas, strawberries, and tomatoes mostly. I eat more exotic types in my spreads, like raspberry, elderberry, blue berryy, etc. Strawberries are my favorite.

  2. Our family eats fruits after every meal and it’s healthier than tucking into an ice-cream or slice of cake. My faves are dragon fruit and rose apple – they are not too sweet or over powering.

  3. Wow what an aamzing fruit the Jack fruit is, Thats the only one never heard of.
    I guess it wont be on the supermarket Shelf.
    My favourite fruit , now that is tricky probably be easiest to say which is least favourite Grapefruit.and Black currants. I especially love any Berry does that count \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/ Happy Easter

  4. 60kg!! Wow!
    I love fruit too. In fact we made a huge fruit salad just the other day! 🙂 Mango, strawberries, kiwi fruit, blueberries, melon… yum! I’m getting hungry now LOL 🙂

  5. I love jack fruit – used to eat it in icecream in Thailand! Mmmm! Wonderful!

    Love all tropical fruits especially mango and paw paw fruit!

    (I’m feeling hungry!!)

    Fantastic post & pics!

  6. Oh My Word those fruits are amazing!! I remember a trip we took to Florida when I was a kid, and the size of the grapefruit was about double what we were used to in the store. It really makes quite an impression on kids!

  7. No… I’ve never seen that type of banana before –looks very interesting. The bit about using the banana for prayes instead of eating is interesting… I’m curious, have you tried it? does it taste like a ‘banana’?

    Fabulous pictures, thanks for sharing. I love fruit –especially strawberries, had a big bowl of them tonight after dinner.

  8. Beautiful photos and interesting information about the fruit. What a fun experience. We mostly eat oranges, apples, banana, kiwi and mango in the winter. I’m looking forward to summer and fresh berries, grapes and watermelon.

  9. You always take such beautiful photos for your blog. I haven’t heard of any of the fruits that you have mentioned and not sure they are sold at Walmart (my grocery store of choice). 🙂

    1. @Christy,
      thanks for your compliments on my photos. These are tropical fruits here in Asia. If you do come to this part of the world do try them. They are really tasty:)

  10. Wow… I am Still in Shock at the Size of these fruits…

    I have never tried a jack fruit but this post definitely Sparked my curiosity…

    The Grands would love those Small bananas…

    The only fruit I am not very fond of is Strawberries but lately I have been enjoying blueberries…

    Spectacular post for the letter S…

    Thanks for linking.


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