Looking at the Various Angles on a Monday

Purple flowers in a vase

Purple flowers in a vase been processed in different settings.

Last week I bought these purple flowers so that I could really test out my macro lens. It isn’t easy to find time to go on photo walks with the kids tight schedule so the best alternative was to bring the outdoors in with flowers.  I picked up this bunch at the supermarket for $3.50 which I feel was a great investment. I decided on this purple bunch as Tiger girl loves  the colour purple.

I was hoping that it would last longer then a week so that I could have more time trying out the different settings on the camera while toying with the macro lens. Unfortunately the flowers withered off within a week before I could take as many photographs as I would like.

The flowers against the curtain

The flowers against the curtain

Capturing the bloom with the camera is more then simply pointing the camera and snapping. I realized that there is quite a bit of adjustment that has to be done to the configuration on the camera. I figured out that Manual mode was the best mode to use with the Macro lens as it would allow me to adjust the white balance, ISO and focal distance. I’m still learning what is the best setting based on the light intensity indoors for an optimal photo shoot. I guess in time to come it will get easier with practice.

How you process the shot after it has been taken also does make a difference. It sets the mood and feel of the picture and stirs different emotions within you upon viewing.  The different angles which I position my lens at all results in different items being the focal point in the photo. The composition of the shot also changes dramatically  with slight adjustments.

The bloom in focus

The bloom in focus

This is one of my favourite shot from the 50 over shots which I took of the flowers.  I managed to get the focus on the droplets of water which were on the petals.

Taking shots of the flowers made me reflect that in life sometimes the way we handle certain situation gives us results which are less then satisfactory.  It is a good time to sit back and think how the issue could be addressed using different techniques or looking at the whole situation using  a different angle. The first approach may not be the best approach but after constant refining and tweaking a modified approach may be better.

Interesting what you can reflect on from a session of photography!!

Today the theme is music that describes your life.. I’m choosing this tune Marksman by a Taiwanese group  Magic Power