Excerpts from the Heart of a Mom

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Excerpts From the Heart of a Mom by Jennifer Laurent is a down to earth book by an mom who has learned a lot through becoming a parent. In her book Jennifer shares with her readers excerpts of what was on her mind in the different situations which she faced.

She starts of the book explaining the reason behind writing the book.  She doesn’t consider herself  the perfect mother and has her fair share of ups and downs as a mother.  The excerpts in the book  covers various area from practical knowledge to one of a more spiritual nature.

Some of the excerpts include her thoughts on  thinking positive and be educated, being open, embracing the power or the mind-body connection and it’s okay not to know everything. You are not expected to be a know all and a perfect parent just be a parent who is truly present for our kids.

My thoughts

I enjoyed reading this book and can relate to many of the excerpts that Jennifer shared.  Many a time as a parent we try to be perfect and flawless and in the process set ourselves up for failure.  I agree that being there for your child and teaching them that we parents too are human and we do have our flaws. We do not know everything and do make mistakes like our children do.

We need to constantly center our focus and be there for our kids, learning alongside them.  It is a delicate balance but it is something that we learn from trial and balance as both we and our child grow and mature.

I strongly recommend this book for all mothers who are looking for some direction in their lives and wish to build up a closer relationship with their child.

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