Not the Usual Christmas Trees

Oreo tree

The Oreo Tree

It’s the month of advent and in a few weeks time it will be Christmas. Many shopping centres and places of attraction have already put up their Christmas decorations. While out with the kids we spotted these innovative Christmas trees. I certainly don’t mind having one of these alternative trees instead of the traditional Christmas tree at home.

chocolate tree

TheTolberone Tree

This will certainly be a great tree to take down after Christmas or take apart during the Christmas party πŸ™‚ I canΒ  see that it will certainly be a hit with the kids who surely can’t wait to sink their teeth into the tasty chocolate.

Instant Noodle Tree

Instant Noodles Tree

A tree for the non-cook. I’m sure collage students would be extremely happy to receive such a Christmas tree. Anytime the students are hungry and needed a quick meal they just need to peel the layers off the tree for a snack.

What would your ideal Christmas Tree be like?


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