[App Review] 3 Groovy Pigs HD

3 Groovy Pigs HD

3 Groovy Pigs HD is  an interactive  version of the traditional 3 little pigs story with a twist. In this story the 3 little pigs are talented musicians who can play their chosen musical instruments very well.  They play the piano, violin and drums and have their own Groovy band.

One day the 2nd and 3rd little pig decided that they should pursue their career as individual musicians and left the eldest pig and their home in the middle of the night. This started of their adventure and encounter with the Big Bad Wolf who eventually joined their band and became the fourth member of the group.

There are many selections to this storybook app. You can select to have the story read out to your child or for him to read the storybook herself. There are also stickers which you can paste on a selected background to create your own unique poster, a colouring game and a jigsaw puzzle feature.


Tiger girl reading the story

There are interactive features on each page. Kids can try out some of the in-games related to the story like

* Tapping a run or jump button to help the Pigs escape from the Wolf
* Blowing on the mic to help the Wolf blow the houses down
* Trail their fingers to help the Pigs find their respective houses
* Finding hidden itemsinteractive games

You can also tap on the musical instruments/characters to play the sound, swipe images to reveal colours and also colour in the pigs and their instruments on certain pages.

testing out the colouring page

The colouring activities were Tiger girl’s favourite and she enjoyed herself tremendously filling in the colours on the pigs.

Check out the video below to see the app in action.


My thoughts

I like the wide range of activities which they had within the story. My kids enjoyed reading the story and trying out all the various applications. It was as app which they  could read/play several times without getting bored.  The only difficult that they had was  blowing on the mic to help the wolf blow the house down. They skipped that activity as they had problems locating the mic on the ipad.  It would be great if there was a short video or better explanation of how to do the “blowing” then just a one liner at the bottom of the screen.


You can purchase the app for $3.99 at the iTunes Store.


Disclaimer: I received a promo code by the sponsor to redeem and try out the app for review purposes. Opinions are 100% my own. This post has a Compensation Level of  1 . Please visit Dominique’s Disclosure page for more information.