10 Things I am the same or different from my younger self

Mom and Me

Taken in Hong Kong in 2001

Looking through old photos during the past few weeks I have been reflecting on how different/same I have been from my younger self. Some things have changed while some remain the same.

  1. I still hate talking on the phone.I rather send a text or e-mail and you will never catch me on the phone for more then 5 minutes.
  2. I love chocolates and potato chipsThey are my go to snacks but I am consciously trying to cut down or go without as it certainly has been hampering my dieting effort.
  3. I use to hate to cook but now am game to learn new recipes and bakes.Having kids changed my outlook on entering the kitchen and cooking. Having more then 1 kid also made it more economical to cook at home rather then eat out so often.
  4. I still love to write.I used to write journals and short stories but nowadays I blog.  It is no longer just words as I too am concentrating on adding pictures to my words.
  5. I love taking photos.I have always  like being behind the camera and snapping pictures of my surroundings. The difference now is that I have better gear with a DSLR and was using a point and shoot back then.
  6. I still read a lot.
    However most of my reading material is online via blogs/forums or in PDFs. I have widen my scope of reading material to include both  non-fiction and fiction books.
  7. My love for music has changed
    I used to listen to lots of English  and Japanese pop music but it has changed to Chinese and Korean Pop.
  8. I have much less sleep as compared to before.
    On  a good day I’ll be able to get 4-5 hours of uninterrupted sleep but basically it’s still being waken up by Tiger girl 2-3 times a night at least.
  9. I’m able to multi- task better and am more efficient now as compared to before.
    I guess having multiple kids does set you up to be a supermom as you learn how to juggle the 101 new things thrown at you on a daily basis.
  10. I’m still in love with the same man that I fell in love with during my teens.
    I still feel that he’s hot even though we have been together for nearly half my life.

What things have changed or remain the same for you?




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