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When I was little I dreamed about being many things when I grew up.  I wanted to be a detective solving mysteries like Nancy Drew. I loved reading about crime and mystery stories and the thrills that Sherlock Homles had solving crime and putting the baddies away. It would be cool speeding along the roads in London chasing after criminals on a BMW bike.

However as I grew up my aspiration to become a detective diminished and I decided to pursue a Degree in Business instead when I was in the university. Studying law and having to be so physically fit wasn’t really that  appealing to me anymore.  I knew with a degree in business I will be able to take on a selection of job which I may fancy.


Upon graduation I applied for various marketing/management jobs I realized that  they weren’t what I was looking for. I wasn’t really keen on presentations after presentations and working in an office environment felt stifling.


I applied to be a teacher as I felt that it was worth giving it a try.  At least I wouldn’t be working into the nights on most days and I could have some proper family life. Little did I know that it would be a decision which would change my outlook of life.


I got the job as an elementary school teacher and was bonded for three years to the job. Being a teacher has changed my view of how I wanted to bring up my kids.  Knowing how to teach children gave me an insight to how a child’s mind worked. I also was introduced to the various techniques that can be used to teach young kids.


I started liking my job as a teacher as I see how gratifying it is when the kids understand what you teach and appreciate your efforts. However the increasing workload and  administrative responsibilities made it more and more difficult for to enjoy my job. I started to become jaded and felt that I was spending too much time on other people’s children then my own. My kids needed to have time to teach them right and enjoy their childhood before they were all grown up.I still want to teach but only my own kids.


I never regretted the decision to enter the education industry as it has given me a better understand on how to groom my own kids. It changed my attitude towards education and made me see the important of guiding my own kids from birth to give them the best of opportunities. Being in this industry has also opened up many different doors which led me to where I am now as a WAHM.

What decision have you made that has irrevocably changed your life?

Do you regret that decision?



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