Writer’s Workshop: Let’s Go Kids!!

The kids


My  morning routine has changed a bit since we moved into August. This month Tiger girl started school so there is one more person to get ready before we leave the house in the morning. It used to be alright to leave her in her  pyjamas but not anymore as she has to get fed, dressed and hair tied up properly before she is off to school.

Nowadays my daily morning routine starts earlier.

In the morning

  •  Get up and get myself ready
  • Set the breakfast for the kids while checking my mails and replying e-mails
  • Draft up a to-do list and check if there are groceries that need to be bought today.
  • Plan what to cook for the day.
  • Wake everyone up
  • Get all of them dressed, fed and ready to go out of the door.
  • Drive everyone and drop them off at school/work respectively
  • Go to the supermarket to buy groceries
  • Come back and do the housework/ prepare for lunch.
  • Cook lunch and finish up on blogging tasks.
  • Tutor Monkey boy and make sure he finishes his homework, food etc before he leaves for school.

How does your morning schedule look like?

Is it packed or do you have free time for yourself?


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