Writer’s Workshop: Keeping A Backup Copy

Doggie boy and the Computer

Blogging has been one of my passions since I started my first blog online back in 2004 when Monkey Boy was born.   It has been almost 9 years since I have been actively blogging. A lot has changed since I started off as a blogging newbie.

Back then I was blogging on the blogger platform before switching over to WordPress.com and now on this self hosted WordPress blog.

I have learned a lot since I made my 1st step into the world of blogging. I know now the importance of having a back up for the blog and also backups for the template and other in both my hard drive and also a copy stored in Dropbox. It would certainly save me the trouble of redoing everything from scratch when I had to move my blog from one server to another when I had to change hosting.

Nowadays everything is online and not in hard copy. It pays to be prudent and have a few back up copies in different places so in the case that the blog is attacked by virus or gets hacked.  I triple save everything now. – Hard disk, dropbox and via e-mail. I also do a photo book yearly so that we have a hard copy to look back on when the kids grow up


Do you keep a backup copy of your blog?

Are your copies online or offline?



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