BC Bloggers’ Meme: My Favourite Singaporean Mummy Bloggers


There are many great blogs that I visit to read on a daily basis. Many of them have great content and  I can related to what they write on a personal level.  Reading their post  not only gives me an insight to their daily lives but also inspiration to be a better parent., blogger and person as a whole.

I read many blogs from bloggers all around the world and do have an international following. However, in this post I am highlighting the blogs of some of my favorite Singaporean Mummy bloggers to give you an inside to  the lives of my fellow countrywomen.

#1- A Happy Mum

Summer Goh, a mom of two lovely girls Angel and Ariel shares with everyone her joys of being a SAHM, crafty ideas and snippets into her very fulfilling life. 

Angeline, a former school teacher and mom of two shares her journey through motherhood and recipes of food that she whips up for her kids on her blog.

Sandra shares snippets into her life as a working mother of two adorable boys Jayvon and Xavier. I link up with her on Thursdays for Talkative Thursday where she shares her thoughts on parenting boys.

Jennifer at Dinomama blogs about her love for food and her only son Dino Egg. She shares the recipes of dishes that she commonly cook at home on Fridays in her foodie Fridays linky. Both Jennifer and her husband share the love for cooking and take turn preparing meals for their beloved son.


#5- Catch Forty Winks
Rachel of  Catch Forty Winks blogs about her journey in life as a mom of one cute and extremely lovable boy.  On Fridays she share with her readers what she has captured through the lens of her camera.
The reasons and story behind the featured photo does give a lot for thought.
#6-The Bottomsup Blog
Evelyn a mother of two is on a personal journey this year to blog everyday. In her blog she shares crafts that she does with her kids, her thoughts on parenting and much more. I love her Instagram pictures and she has an excellent eye for photography and really good at arrangements to compose the “prefect” shot.

#7- Mummymoo
Regina Mom A.K.A Mummy Moo writes about motherhood and her little boy Cayden. She shares her thoughts on being a mother, wife and friend in her blog. I like her candid and frank writing style with a bare all attitude.

#8-The Gingerbread Mum
Adora blogs about her journey as a mom of two girls. This busy mom does art and craft with her kids and even have her own kids craft business to share her expertise.   Her  blog is a portal to share the experiences in her life and the kids with the rest of the family and relatives who are living abroad.
#9-The Accidental Mom Blogger
Adeline a mom of two shares her thoughts  of parenting both boys and girls who are studying in upper primary. The stresses of motherhood and the joys she finds in life. She too has her own craft related business – Adeline’s Loft where she sells wonderfully designed and classy handmade jewelleries.

What are the blogs that you regularly read?