SOC: Screaming, Shouting, Sibling Rivarly

It has been a real tiring weekend. The boys were constantly at each other’s throats.  It’s giving me a  splitting headache. I really hate to have to play referee and stop the squabbling between them. They say it can get very quiet and lonely with one kid.

Throw in nanother two into the equation and you have a wonky surround system filled with constant yelling, shouting, screaming bursting the  indoor decible allowance .

I’m tired of having to tell Monkey boy an Doggy Boy to leave each other alone and stop picking on each other.

” Mummy he’s making funny faces at me ! ”

” Give me!!” followed by wailing , thing being thown at one another etc etc.

The worst thing is that when the boys get at  each other it makes Tiger girl want to jump in and shout and scream also.


For once I am wishing that the kids come with these buttons

  1.  Mute
  2. Play nicely
  3. Stop squabbling
  4. Take turns

Or if there is on that says ” rapid depletion of energy level ”  it  will do too.



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