SOC: Organizing Keepsakes

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what keepsakes that I would like to leave the kids. I’ve been pouring through their digital photographs that they have from birth to now and decided to do a photo book for each kid. I had my hard disk crash on me once and am paranoid that the pictures which I took would be wiped off if there is any more crashes or virus attacks.  I already have a photo album for each kid to paste in their 1st photographs and ultrascan pictures inside. However as they grew up I haven’t been printing out many of their pictures for viewing.

Besides their photo album the kids also have a notebook documenting their various milestones.  I’m been wondering if there are any other items I should  keep on their behalf which would not clutter up the place.  We are staying in an apartment and space is limited. Every little keepsake that I collect will have to be multiplied by three so that it’s fair for each kid to have the same momentos.

How do you organize keepsakes for your kids?