SOC: Preparing for Easter

Easter Eggs © by albemar78

I can’t believe that we are into the final stretch of Lent. I have been trying to do bible reading daily but so far I’ve only managed twice a week. I really need 48 hrs a day so that I can finish all that I want to get done during this period of time.  I’m  trying to build up my spirituality and take a closer walk with GOD. It hasn’t been easy.

First of all  I have to have the correct mindset towards religion in order to lead my children towards GOD. I’m being trying to be in sync with my spiritual side by doing more readings and also reflecting on my personal values and those which I want the kids to cultivate.

I’ve bought a couple of books to read and am trying to get the kids to read the bible more often together with doing some simple bible related activities.  We got the Chicken Soup for the Kids Soul and hopefully be able to read some of the stories inside there next week in preparation for  Holy week.

How are you preparing for Easter?


4 thoughts on “SOC: Preparing for Easter”

  1. If we could only have a few more hours in the day, all would be well. Great job with your bible readings. Whatever you can do full heartedly is all that matters!

  2. Religion is such an afterthought for me and my son most of the time. However, I enrolled him in a Christian preschool and I am so happy that they instill the history I was raised with and I love to see the spirituality blossom in him!

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