Monday Music Movies Me – End March Edition

On the highchair

Give me the drink.. Yes I want a sip of your Rootbeer!!


Last weekend  was a really  busy weekend for me. We weren’t running off bringing the kids to different places  but taking care of sick kids while planning for our upcoming June holidays.  The whole family is down with the cough as the weather has been bad lately. I’m hoping that everyone will recover soon and enjoy the next family trip where we all jet off to Korea.



This week I am sharing the video of one of the hottest male Hong Kong Singer- Eason Chan. Here is he singing one of his latest song in Cantonese- 六月飛霜 (June Frost). He won the Top 10 Song Award, Best Selling Male Artist Award, Best Singer of the Country Award and Outstanding Singer Award this year. 5 major awards!!

Acting Balanced

1. What movie or movies do you have to watch when they are on TV? (submitted by @rndmcrftyGAgrl)

I’m not really watching movies on TV  at the moment. However am catching up on Vampire Diaries 3 by watching it online.

2. When you have out of town visitors, what fun places do you take them to in your town?  (Or where do you play tourist in your own town?)
I bring them out to eat as Singapore is known for it’s food. Other places would be the Zoo or Sentosa.

3. What was the first album, CD, Download you ever bought?
I can’t remember the first album I bought. The most recent CD that I bought was a Korean one featuring the group Shinee.

4. Do you speak more than one language and which ones?  If not, what language would you like to know?
Yes. We speak English, Mandarin and Cantonese at home. I still want to learn more and brush up on my Japanese and French.

5. What is your dream job?
My dream job is one that I am able to get a recurrent source of income and that there is flexible hours whereby I can both work and take care of the family full time.  I’m still searching for it.