TT-Potty Training

The past few weeks we have been going full swing ahead with Roy’s Potty training. Roy has been a bit more responsive this time around.

He is able to stay relatively dry during the day and is able to let us know most of the time that he needs to use the potty.However I still need to constantly remind him every hour if he needs to use the potty.

I have actually been trying to get him diaper free since he was 2yrs old but he has been rather apprehensiveĀ  and not cooperative. IĀ  felt that it was no point pushing him to be toilet trained at that time as he wasn’t mentally ready. It would only cause him and me to be stressed up.

This time around we decided to re-start potty training after he turned 3 years old. My target is to get him fully potty trained by June if possible.

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