Weekend Reflections- Kids play at Explorer Kids


Today we brought the boys out to Explorer  kids at Downtown East. It has been quite a while since we last brought them to this indoor playground.  We had signed up for the membership at this place and enjoyed the discounted rate of $11/hr rate instead of $20/hr. I still found it rather  costly as we had to pay a total of $22 for 1 hr play for the boys.

However seeing them have so much fun playing in the playground makes me feel that the money was worth spending.  The weather has been rather too sunny lately with no rain for the past few weeks. The scorching sun has made it  too hot to bring the boys to the park to play on weekend. By the time the sun starts going down it would be dinner time and I do not want to risk them suffering from sun stroke due to the strong sun.

Visiting an indoor playground seem to be the perfect solution to let them release their energy and go around climbing up and down the play structures.
There are many different such indoor playgrounds in Singapore but this is one of the biggest that I have brought the boys to.  Surprisingly it wasn’t crowded when we were there. I guess that everyone must be too caught up in preparing for tonight’s reunion dinner.

Tonight we will be having reunion dinner at home. It will be a simple affair with R cooking some simple dishes for the boys and me.