Weekend Reflections- My 3 Kids

Last weekend we welcomed our latest member to our family, baby Riona. She weighed 3.2kg and was 50cm long when she was born on Sunday.

Taken last week at the hospital

Before she was born we were wondering about what her blood group would be as hubby and I are of different blood groups. He is B+ while I am O+. The boys both take after him as their blood group is B+ and I wondered if #3 would be the same too. Surprisingly her blood group is different and she takes after me with a O+ . It’s strange how the different genes get passed down from one generation to another.

Here is a questions for all the readers here.

Who does she look like?

Here is a collage which I did last year of the boy’s newborn photos and our photos. I would really like to read about your guesses in the comments below.

Our baby photos


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