Valentines 2010- A Message of Love

Valentines Day – A Day set up commercially to declare your love to your love ones and friends.  This is how I see this day to be. Everything is more expensive as retailers raise the prices of items like flowers and diamonds  to cash in on this season of giving.

I do love flowers, blue roses are my personal favourite . I guess that most girls do love pretty flowers and roses are a common choice.  However there were no diamonds or flowers this year.

This year’s Valentines present from  hubby was not fresh flowers which would wither in time but a timeless message.

This year he decided to do something a bit more different. It was a real surprise for me to read his love dedication in the local papers under the Valentines Day dedication columns.

It reads

Dearest Rachel,

Thank you for everything you have done.

Love Always,

Rapheal, Ryan and Roy

I was utterly touched by his sweet gesture. Words say more then a hundred gestures for me. It feels good to be acknowledged for my contribution to the household and family. I feel appreciated and loved by this declaration of love.

How was your Valentines Day this year?

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