Potty Tots Training Kits- A Review

A few months ago Roy received this Potty training kit by Fed Ex. It was sent by the Potty Tots company which was based in USA.

Jill had kindly send me a sample  for me to test out their product for Roy even though at the moment they do not do international shipping. Roy was very excited to receive such a huge parcel in the mail. He hasn’t received any items addressed to him before and it was his 1st time accepting a delivery from the Fed -Ex delivery man.

Roy is currently 2.5yrs old and undergoing potty training. My goal is to get him fully potty trained by 3 yrs old.  Roy really loves watching the Potty Tot’s DVD. It is really educational and has fun songs about the steps taken in using the potty.  We have the Potty Tots chart pasted on the wall in our bathroom.

As part of his training I try to highlight the steps shown on the chart everytime I bring him to the bathroom.  We also love going through the Potty Tots Storybook as one of our nightly reads during the weekday reading sessions. There are very colourful pictures and simple illustrations in the book which captures my 2.5yr old’s attention.

I do recommend the Potty Tots Training Kit as a tool to assist parents in making potty training a more enjoyable experience for all.