Weekend Reflections- Welcoming the Tiger


Next weekend we will be shooing away the Cow and ushering in the Metal Tiger.  This week we will be busy spring cleaning the house and getting everything ready for Chinese New Year.  This year we will not be traveling back to Hong Kong but staying here in Singapore for a relaxing time at home.

I recall as a child I used to look forward to Chinese New Year as the highlight would be receiving red pocket money. Opening up the red packets and counting the total “collection” for the year is what we use to look forward to. It would be consider a great bonus if we received red packets of $10 and above.

I also love feasting on the Chinese New Year cookies, Bak Kwa (Roasted Meat), grandma’s homemade pineapple tarts and lots other goodies.

After I started work and got married, I  had to start dishing out red packets to the younger generation. Instead of receiving  cash I had to give out cash and it became  something which I do not look forward to. When the kids came along it started to even out the playing field as they would be receiving red packets in exchange and there would be less “monetary loss”.

However as the years pass and my cousins and  the extended family expended there were lesser chances to meet up with each other during the Chinese New Year season. Many of them take the opportunity of the extended holidays to travel overseas during this season.

Going visitation and feasting on Chinese New Year goodies are no longer appealing to me nor the boys.

I no long enjoy eating  Chinese New Year goodies as they are extremely unhealthy and do little to prevent an expanding waistline and a sore throat.

The boys too are not really into eating as they rather spend the time playing with their trains or the new Wii games we purchased for them.

It seems extremely torturous for a 3yr old and a 5 yr old to spend an hour or more at a relative’s house where one could not do anything else beside eating or watching something boring on the television.

I too do not fancy having to put unwanted restrains on the kids at relatives house to prevent them wreaking anything or pulling a temper tantrum due to boredom.

This year we will only be visiting my parents and the rest of the time we will be chilling out at home.

How will you be celebrating your
Chinese New Year?

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