WW-My Little Swimmers

Ryan has been learning swimming since he was 4 years old. He has grown a lot since this picture was taken a year ago. Now at six years old he has progressed from Starfish when he first joined to Eel. My little swimmer is now able to do the following

  • Front flutter kick using the kickboard for 50m
  • Front crawl with rhythmic breathing using kickboard for 25 m
  • Proper front call with rhythmic breathing in deep water-min. 15m w/o kickboard
  • Back float without assist- 5 sec
  • Jumps into deep water & swims back to the wall
  • Can blow bubbles out their nose- not using mouth- doing 5 consecutive bobs.

He is doing very well and will be progressing to learn different swim strokes the next term.

    Roy at the pool

Roy has just completed one term(10 weeks ) of swimming. He too has graduated to the next class. He is moving from K2 to starfish.

Roy is now able to do the following

  • Crab walk in training pool for 15m
  • Bobbing with bubbles (5x in training pool) holding side of pool – full head under water.
  • Relax in the black float position head on instructor’s shoulders, 30 sec in training pool.

He has yet to master

  • front glide with kick for 3m in training pool
  • flutter kick using kickboard for 12m in training pool- one way.

We are very proud of him as this is the 1st time he is having formal swimming lessons.  I’, sure given time he will be able to swim as well as his brother.

Are your kids taking swimming lessons too?