Weekend Reflections – Birthday Edition


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Today is the day that I turn 31. A year ago when I entered into my 30s it felt as if I have aged rapidly as the numbers change from “2” to “3”. This year however as the digits add on it feels much different to me.

I no longer feel that age is working as a disadvantage against me but is driving me to be more motivated and determined to see that I complete all projects and assignments  that I have assigned to myself this year.

To really  put my thoughts into action I will be listing down the  projects which I have at hand

  1. Teaching the boys Japanese- target is to get Ryan writing simple  Japanese by the end of the year.
  2. Getting  Roy  fully potty trained ( Daytime) by the time he is 3yrs old (December)
  3. Completing and launching my book on “Multilingual Parenting”
  4. Growing my Membership site- Savy Hip ParentPreneur
  5. Completing all scheduled 1-1 projects with existing clients.
  6. Improving my baking/cooking skills.
  7. Improving my relationships with family, friends and clients.
  8. 5R -2010

What are you reflecting on this weekend? Do drop a comment and fill in the linky below if you are participating in Weekend Reflections

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