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Writer’s Workshop: You Can Just Imagine It

A 3 day weekend is something which we just experienced last week. Saturday was Vesak Day and in lieu of a holiday falling on a Saturday schools  were given the Monday off. The kids were ecstatic to have a day off school and time off to play.

We brought them to the Singapore science centre and to play bowling.  Monkey boy is doing much better in bowling now.

Just look at his score below.

r1 score


If cash wasn’t an issue  I would have like to have spend that 3 day weekend a bit differently. We would have checked into a 6 star hotel at Sentosa.  A suite would be good. The presidential suite  or a private villa would be certainly ideal. Private swimming pool, butler and maid service couple with baby sitting would be superb!!. The kids can enjoy themselves swimming while being supervised while I can indulge myself in some spa treatment.

If the room came with gaming consoles or other kids games it would be great. The kids could entertain themselves  and give me some “time off” which I need.

We would have VIP passes to the universal studios so that we could get in easily and by pass all the queuing that we need to do before trying out the rides. Dinner at the beach or at  getting the top chef from one of the fine dinning restaurants to cook for us in the suite kitchen would certainly make my day. I do love dining out but dining in comfort and without  having to worry about the kids running off or making messes during dinner is more of a concern to me. I’ll be able to get both- good food and a worry free dinner.

How would your ideal 3 day weekend be like?

Do you think you will be having it soon?

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Writer’s Workshop: Ultimate Favourite

my oven
My Oven is my ultimate favourite thing to have in the house. It was my birthday present from hubby two years back and my love for it is still going strong. I love the big capacity of 40L and ability to do two trays of cupcakes at the same time when I bake.

It’s a breeze to bake chicken nuggets/ fish fingers and heat up stuff using the oven. I’m using it more often these days then the microwave oven which sits right next to it. Even though it is a conventional microwave oven which can bake cakes too the texture and look pales in comparison to cake that come out freshly baked in an oven.

There are so many different things that I can bake/cook with the oven.

Here are some bakes which I have done in it.

egg tartTraditional Chinese Egg Tart

baked cod fishBaked cod fish

home baked pizza

Home baked Pizza

 Very soon I’ll be having freshly baked bread from that oven too!!  Baguettes, multi-grain loaves etc.

What is your ultimate favourite gadget in the house?

What makes it rank supreme as compared to others ?

Jenny MatlockMama’s Losin’ It