Room with a View

The view from the living room balcony

The view from the living room balcony (Zoom to see the edge of the island)

During out trip to Penang, Malaysia we  stayed in a service apartment instead of a hotel. Having stayed in hotels I knew that the size of the room was rather small and it would certainly be a tight squeeze for our family of 5 with the extended family to fit into two rooms.

I chose  to stay Gurney Residence which was located near  the famous  Gurney Drive eating/shopping strip.

The service apartment wasn’t as posh as a hotel but it was certainly more  practical as we the kids had more then ample space to move around.

The view at the other side of the balcony

The view at the other side of the balcony

We had an apartment on a high floor and the sea view was certainly magnificent.  Just look at what greeted us from the balcony.

The view on the other side of the balcony

The view on the other side of the balcony.

Even though it rained and the sky looked ominous the view was still breathtaking.  Looking out to the vast  ocean really makes one feel calm and at peace.

The living room of the apartment

The living room of the apartment

The sofa in the living room was really enormous. It can easily accommodate  10 adults.  The only drawback that the television set was really tiny at 21 inches wide. It would have been superb if it was a  50 or 60 inch set as we were all straining to see what was being shown on television seated at the sofa. In the end  we shifted some seats of the sofa nearer the screen to be able to watch more comfortably.

The kitchen

The kitchen

The kitchen was sparsely equipped and we didn’t cook as the cooking utensils that they provided were  not in good condition. There were  many nice restaurants nearby and we ate out after spending the whole day out at the various attractions.

The Master bedroom toilet

The Master bedroom toilet

The kids were thrilled to see the huge bathtub and couldn’t wait to try it out. Unfortunately the jacuzzi function didn’t work so they were only able to use it as a normal tub.

One of the bedrooms

One of the bedrooms which had it’s own balcony. 

There was a queen size bed in each room giving ample space for the kids to roll around in bed

The other bedroom

The other bedroom

We were upgraded to a 4 bedroom suite  for a night when we checked in as the 3 bedroom one that we booked was not ready for occupation. The kids went wild running from one bedroom to another playing hide and seek.

Another bedroom

Another bedroom.

There were bathrooms in each bedroom so we did not need to take turns using it.


Do you choose to stay in a hotel or a service apartment  when you travel?

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Meet Me On Monday-Hops and Snapshots

Poofed?? Not me!!

The kids had a blast last week while on vacations.It was play, play and more play for them. Here are some pictures of the boys at Golden Sands Adventure Playground.

The rainbow slide. 4 stories high.

They  were very reluctant to leave even after 2 hours of non-stop play. I’m sure you know why when you watch the video below.


1. What is your favorite yogurt flavor?
Mango Yoghurt
Photo by Flickr

Fruity. I love strawberry or blueberry.

However now I stick more to vanilla and add in the real fruits.
2. Ankle or knee socks? and on the same theme, white socks or coloured??

Photo by Flickr

I like coloured or patterned socks , especially  those with cute designs.

3. How is the weather right now? Super hot!!
4. Are you a fast typer? Yes
5. Red or White Wine? Red.