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Yummy Foods and Ice- Cream Treats

Doggie boy and me with his ice cream

Doggie boy and me with his ice cream

Kids and Ice-cream. That  was what they  they were having lots of last week. I brought them out for 1-to-1 ice cream dates. It has been quite a while since I went on a mom- daughter/ Mom-son date with my kids.

Monkey boy with his ice-cream

Monkey boy with his ice-cream

Most of the time I bring the kids out together and it isn’t that easy to get to bond with them with their siblings around.  They were glad with their solo dates with me and I had fun visiting 3 different ice-cream places with them.

Tiger girl with her ice-cream waffle

Tiger girl with her ice-cream waffle and new bubble toy

Ice-cream is certainly not cheap these days especially when the kids request for gourmet or freshly made ice-cream.

The sweet treats set me back by almost $100 in total as they requested for meals /presents too during their dates.

Monkey boy with his Kaya Toast + Ice Milo

Monkey boy with his Kaya Toast + Ice Milo

This is one of their favourite “snack foods” or breakfast when we are out.

Japanese Set meal

Japanese Set meal

Doggie boy requested for  Japanese food when we were out and promptly ordered this set meal- pork with rice.

The boys can really eat as they are eating adult portions now as compared to a few years back. This certainly makes eating out more expensive with them.

Did you kids have any treats from you lately?

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Weekend Reflections- Toddler Talk


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Roy smiling at the camera

During one of our car rides this week we passed by  an ice-cream shop. Ryan noticed it and called out that we were passing by an ice-cream shop and he would like some ice-cream.

The boys really love their ice-cream, especially strawberry and chocolate ice-cream. They often request for ice-cream for dessert after meals at home.

I casually asked Ryan how to spell  Ice-cream. He could spell out the word effortlessly.

What I didn’t expect was Roy butting in and saying ” I don’t know how to spell ice-cream. I know how to EAT ice-cream!!”

Were there any interesting conversations
with your kids this week?

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