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Old School Memories- The Crocodiles

IMAG0016 Old School Memories  The Crocodiles

My old Primary School report book

I have been in a reminiscence mood since last month.  I have been looking back at the kids baby photographs and came across m old report book which was stashed in the same cupboard.

It had yellowed in age but was still in relatively good condition as it was wrapped in plastic. Flipping through the pages of the record book brought back memories of the time that I was in primary school.

I was studying in St Nicholas Girls School Primary for 7 years as I entered the school when they had Pre-Primary classes. ( One year was spent in Pre-Primary while  six years in primary school).

SNGS was like a 2nd home to me back then and I really enjoyed the coziness of a school with a garden setting. Each classroom had their own balcony which was converted into the class own mini garden and reading corner where one could  go for some solitude or just to hang out with friends during break time.

IMAG0017 Old School Memories  The Crocodiles

pictures from a page in an annual

If you look at the snapshot taken from a page in the annual you can see the Pre-primary uniform in the bottom shot.  The uniform was slightly different from the normal school uniform (pictured above with the students reading in the reading corner)

Photoxpress 2500552 Old School Memories  The Crocodiles

Baby Alligator~ Photo by

What I recall most vividly about the primary school was the reptiles that we had in school. My friends and I use to walk over to the pit that house several baby crocodiles near the carpark during recess. Besides viewing the crocs we could also view our “in house” rooster which was housed in a chicken coop enclosure in one of the basement gardens in the school.

There was also several koi ponds in school and we loved meeting up at the tables near the koi ponds to do our projects back then.  It was great being close to both flora and fauna.

The school was the only one I knew that reared crocodiles on the premise. I saw it featured once in a documentary about SNGS .

Unfortunately the crocodile pit has been removed some years back  since then and the school is currently undergoing some upgrading works so it may have been permanently removed.

How was it like when you were
in primary school?

 Old School Memories  The Crocodiles rsz 1wordless wednesday Old School Memories  The Crocodiles

The Boys Piano Recital

 The Boys Piano Recital

The piano at the recital room

Over the weekend the boys had their piano recital for 2014.  Last year both of the boys performed at the same venue with Monkey boy doing a solo while Doggie boy did a duet with his teacher. This year was slightly different as both the boys were playing solo pieces.

 The Boys Piano Recital

Monkey boy posing for the camera

This year Monkey boy performed the March in A Flat which is one of the exam pieces for his Grade 4 Practical Examinations later on in the year.

 The Boys Piano Recital

Doggie boy heading out to play his piece on the piano

Doggie boy on the other hand played the Pumpkin Boogie. This year he was more confident performing and managed to play the whole tune from start to finish error free.

I was really impressed by the boys performance as they executed their pieces with confidence and really played well doing their solos.

Do your kids play the piano too?



rsz 1wordless wednesday The Boys Piano Recital