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Marriott Mai Khao Beach Resort


Last week we stayed at this fantastic resort while on holiday in Phuket. The kids were thrilled when they saw the room we had a Marriot Mai Khao. We checked into theĀ  two bedroom suite and the kids couldn’t wait to go see the room once we settled all the check in procedures.

having the welcome drink

We were all given a cup of iced watermelon drink to quench our thirst. It was an extremely hot and the kids finished drinking within seconds.

Hotel grounds

The luscious greenery at the hotel grounds.

the main bedroomThe kids couldn’t wait to jump into the bed when they saw this King size bed.

I had to literally restrain them so I can take this picture.

the pool

The private pool on the other side of the bedroom.

Tiger girl couldn’t wait to rush in and you could see how her eyes lit up upon seeing the pool.

the bathroomThe big bathroom at the other end of the room.

washer and dryer

The washer and dryer which made it easy doing the laundry while we are on holidays.


A fully equipped kitchenette with everything you need to whip up a 5 course meal.

Doesn’t it look gorgeous?

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Tripple the Joy, Tripple the Fun

three in a bus

Tripple the Joy, Tripple the Fun

Sharing the ride with a sibling or more is certainly more interesting then going on it alone.


the kids

The kids love kiddy rides and can’t wait to go on them each time we visit a shopping centre. However most rides which we come across are design for one or most two kids to go on it at the same time. I normally hesitate to let the kids go on single rides as it can be extremely costly if I have to spend $3 on the same ride for all three kids.

The best bargain I got for that day was this bus ride for $1 where all 3 kids could go on at the same time. Cool ride isn’t it?

Do you kids love kiddy rides too?

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