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Need for revamping my home office

Ever since I started on decluttering the house I have wanted to spruce up and modernize the study room with a new computer desk. My existing computer desk is not ergonomically designed and under continued long term usage may result in poor hand positioning and related illnesses under constant strain. It also doesn’t have sufficient space for the stacks of papers and books that I need to refer to while doing my research for my upcomming e-book, administrative work for the online travel company that I am assisting and other freelance projects that I have accepted. With everything within reach and at eye range it will definately save me lots of time when I need to get down to work during the precious hours the kids are away at pre-school.

I searched around on the interent and fell in love with the above computer desk on first sight. I love the uber cool glass look and the minimalist design. The expansive table space that it has is a real bonus as I will have enough space for all my stuff.

Doesn’t the above table look very chic? Being made of glass it is easy to clean and blends in easily with the existing furniture in the room without sticking out like a sore thumb. The Chrome bars add to its mordenistic design and adds some colour to the furniture.

While choosing the computer desk I also was looking at a new chair to suit it.  I wanted an ergonomic chair and fancied this particular piece. I feel that it goes well with the computer desk that I have selected. What do you think?

I found these pieces of furniture at Office Furniture UK. There are many different choices of home office furniture to suit your personal taste and style. With many various combinations which you can mix and match to fully utilise the home office space that you have. In fact they have 1000 over pieces of furniture for you to choose.  With a 5 year guarantee on the products you purchase from them it is an excellent idea to get your purhcases from this company as they are definately of quality.

Another good thing about this company is that they promise speedy delivery with stock on hand and easy credit options. This is definately a plus point when I select which company to purchase such big ticket items like chairs and tables.