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An MBA from Colorado Business School?

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While  recently  browsing through the website of Colorado Business School my interested in taking an MBA was refueled.   It has bee more then 10 years since I got my degree in Commerce and now seems a good time to move on and go for a MBA.

I  have  been pondering,  should I or shouldn’t I go for my MBA now?  The kids are still small and do need a lot of my undivided attention?  However this maybe the last time that I’ll be able to take leave to stay home with them and it would be great if I could upgrade myself while taking care of them.


Everyone around me is constantly upgrading their credentials and qualification.  My university friends are going for their Masters one by one.  I feel that I too should do something to make myself more marketable to my future employers. The more so if I do intend to seek a different type of job or a more administrative position then just being an educator. It would be easy juggling both the kids and studies but I won’t know until I try.

I’ll most probably take the course part-time and try to work at a comfortable pace which I can manage.  It would be good to get some intellectual stimulation and get the chance to hit the books again.


Disclaimer I am participating in a blogger campaign for a sponsor who represents Colorado Business School and was compensated. However, the views and opinions  are 100%  my own.

Are You Sufficiently Insured for all your Medicare Needs?

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Medical costs are rapidly accelerating nowadays. As we get older one can’t help but worry if there is enough cash and coverage for our increasing medical needs.  It is important to get the proper medical coverage so that we do not burn a hole in our retirement funds.

Medicare Supplement Insurance is something which you should consider on top of your regular medical insurance. The standard medical insurance may only cover the real basics and you may not have sufficient cash to cover other treatments or medication which you may need depending on your health conditions.

There are many different Medical plans available which are able to cater to your specific medical needs. One only needs to do some research to know the options available for your current state of health and budget.

Planning for our future medical needs is important. If you are unsure of which Medicare Supplement Insurance  to get do check out these resources for seniors so that you be able to make a more informed choice relating to your Medicare needs.