Weekend Reflections-Are you being served?


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Waiting in line at the cash register  or waiting to be served can be a daunting experience for some of us.  How the service staff treats us can make or break our impression of the particular company.

Are You Being Served is the among one of the latest initiatives of fellow Singaporeans who’s aim is to investigate into the service standards of the various industries in our island country.

I’m sure that you know the level of customer service is less then satisfactory in certain areas of our retail industry. Many a times I would rather give the place a miss if my initial experience shopping in that particular store was an unpleasant one.

I remember once I went to a  dress shop and the sales girls there were so unfriendly. They were very hesitant to serve me even though there were very few customers in the shop and they were not occupied dealing with customer’s request. It left a rather bitter aftertaste in my shopping experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to share my shopping experience at that place with another who has intention to shop there.

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