Preschool Genius Learning Pack

If you are pressed for time on finding resources on how to teach your child here is a Learning pack which will assist you.

It covers the following

Learning the Complete Alphabet (+ letter recognition)

  • Simple Reading & Word Recognition
  • Simple Spelling & Pronunciation of common words
  • Learning Numbers
  • Learning To Count
  • Learning Simple Math
  • Learning Shapes
  • Learning their Colors
  • Flash Card Learning – Identifying Common
  • Household Items to Expand Vocabulary Skills
  • Learn to Print Numbers & Letters
  • Learn to Draw Shapes
  • Creative Drag & Drop PC Games to Develop Co- ordination, Cognitive Skills & Creativity.. and much more

If you are interested in the product – Buy it now

Tuesday Toot – Sharing some Easter Joy

In the spirit of Easter I felt that it was right to share with you some Easter goodies.

  1.   Brad and Guido have gathered together a massive selection of free gifts and resources at the EasterGiveaway Site. It you are looking for tips to start your own blog, blogging resources etc do check it out.Here is the site again EasterJVGiveaway2008
    Sign up there and download away.
  2. Celebrating Women’s Day
    A event to commemorate women’s achievement by Marie. A MUST VISIT 🙂

Okay here’s my Toot

I made $6.18 !!! Not a big amount but it is my 1st affiliate sale via Clickbank. 🙂

I also been recently called up by a local parenting magazine for a feature on Mom’s who sacrifice their careers for their kids in being SAHM. The issue will be published in their May issue. ( Will post pics/article when it is out!!)