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Teaching Phonics to toddlers

How to teach Phonics at home? This question has been raised by many parents of toddlers that I know.

Before you decide on the which phonics activity to start with do look at the Phonic Skills chart to assess the stage of readiness your child is at.

There are many ways- online and offline where you can assist your child in learning phonics.

Online– is the best website I know that teaches children the phonetic pronouncation of the letters of the alphabets, there is also focus on consonant blending. There are also short stories for reading there.

Reading n Phonics- There is a shooting game where you shoot down the correct alphabet which is being ‘targeted’

Scholastic has a rhyming & matching word game which you can try with your child when they are able to identify the basic sounds of words.

Offline has printable/downloadable phonic cards. There are also PDF phonetic storybooks which you can print out and read with your child.

Here are some products which I have listed in my A*store which you can consider.