Bugaboo Bugs- A Mia Reading Adventure

Hot off the shelves.For kids 5-9yrs old.

The Bugaboo Bugs by Kutoka.

Welcome to the new adventures of Mia and the Bugaboo bugs. The latest addition to the Mia Reading Series. Designed by their award winning team. This reading adventure sees Mia fending off the Bugaboos who have invaded her home.

There are 12 reading and writing activities with 4 different levels of difficulty based on the existing Canadian School Curriculum. Picture and word associations, phonics,spelling, rhymes, vocabulary and various aspects of grammar are covered in this software which caters for kids from kindergarten to grade 3.

The child can choose to play in either adventure or activity mode as they tackle the reading and writing activities. With Mia, your child will be travelling on her own adventure through the Victorian house from one room to another solving and clearing the various reading tasks set in her way.

With the technology that only a DVD-ROM can offer, Children will be captivated by the high quality 3D animated world of Mia the mouse as they embarked on their reading journey. The DVD-Rom is a dramatic improvement from the original reading series- The search for Granny’s remedy – which was launched 10 years ago.

You just have to look at these Screen shots to see how detailed and rich the graphics are in this reading software.

The benefits of this software is that it is highly interactive and parents/teachers are given a easy to follow progress evaluation which charts the child’s progress using the software. The levels of difficulty setting also allows for the software to be paced at the reading ability of the child.

It is highly entertaining while at the same time being educational. Do check it out. I’m definitely going to get a copy for my son to try out.

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