How to boost your energy

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Today I received a e-mail from a subscriber about Alkaline Food  did some research and was fascinated by what I found.

Did you know that if you boost your intact of Alkaline Foods it would make your more healthy and increase your energy levels? has a list of items which are listed in their food chart

In summary eat less meat and more vegetables Ie: Soy and you will be on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Add on you byte using Mr Linky!!

Preschool Genius Learning Pack

If you are pressed for time on finding resources on how to teach your child here is a Learning pack which will assist you.

It covers the following

Learning the Complete Alphabet (+ letter recognition)

  • Simple Reading & Word Recognition
  • Simple Spelling & Pronunciation of common words
  • Learning Numbers
  • Learning To Count
  • Learning Simple Math
  • Learning Shapes
  • Learning their Colors
  • Flash Card Learning – Identifying Common
  • Household Items to Expand Vocabulary Skills
  • Learn to Print Numbers & Letters
  • Learn to Draw Shapes
  • Creative Drag & Drop PC Games to Develop Co- ordination, Cognitive Skills & Creativity.. and much more

If you are interested in the product – Buy it now