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10 Things I like being a Woman

At the playground


I really enjoy being a Woman and a Mommy.  Even though I have wondered how it would be like to be born of the opposite sex it I don’t think I will be able to fully understand or appreciate what it is to be a guy. I rather be a women.

Here is a list  of reasons why I like being a woman.

  1. I get to chose from a wide range of fashion which changes every season. Guys only get the basic shirt, t-shirt, pants or shorts.
  2. I get to play house and stay home with the kids and have a more satisfying job then climbing the corporate ladder.
  3. I’m able to multitask – get the kids ready, set the table, cook and answer e-mails on my laptop while breakfast is served and the baby is being fed.
  4. I like getting to chose from a wide range of accessories. There are so many different designs for bags, shoes, jewellery etc.
  5. I create life and have ‘made’ with the help of R the three most wonderful gems in our lives.
  6. I have the cutest playmates and it’s okay to play along and be a kid with them.
  7. I am resilient and able to find solutions when faced with problems.
  8. I am adaptable and willing to learn new things and take up new roles for the benefit of the family.
  9. I get pampered and showered lots of attention from all the men in my life.
  10. I have great girlfriends and we can talk about anything under the sun.

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SOC: Junk in your Beef

This week I’ve seen some really disturbing videos. It got me thinking of how terrible it is that retailers are exploiting one’s health in the name of  profit. If you have seen Jamie Oliver’s clip above on how ” Grounded Beef” is made with Ammonia and that it is in about 80% of all beef patties and processed food. It’s really disgusting how some people give zero value  to other people’s lives and willingly sacrifice  the other person’s health just to make more profits.  I have heard about so many fake products made in China and now there are fake meats in USA too!!

I know that in China there is fake milk formula, pork being passed off as beef, fake eggs and a whole list of chemically created food. It got me wondering what foods are safe for consumption then?  Is it possible that there are fake vegetables and seafood too?? Or  just that they haven’t been called out and identified by the whistle blowers yet.  That’s a really scary thought.

I guess from now onwards I need to be more stringent on what foods enter our mouths and to check thoroughly the source and ingredients used in making it. I’ll start by removing all the sweets and questionable stuff that we have in our kitchen.