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SOC: Bringing up Baby


They say that bringing up a girl is different from bringing up a boy.  After having two boys and now a girl I do notice that there is quite a bit of difference. For once she screams way more then her brothers. I seriously don’t remember them being so noisy at this age.

It has been a joy staying home and watch Tiger girl grow from a tiny infant to a feisty 18 month old toddler she has really changed a lot this past 1.5 yrs.  From toothless grins to a 7.5 teeth smile there has been rapid development in my little girl. She now is able to follow simple instructions and seems extremely mature for her age. I guess with two older brothers at home to learn from it must have accelerated her development.

At 18 months old she is able to do the following

  • Self feed using fork and spoon. It still is a bit messy and I do need to guide her at times but it’s great that she is eating independently.
  • simple
  • Is able to call and address everyone of the family including grandparents.
  • Speaks in 2-3 word sentences. ” Nana (She call’s herself that) wants Cheese!!”, ” Please.. Mummy.. Thank You etc”
  • can follow simple instructions spoken to her in English, Mandarin or Cantonese.
  • Knows how to clear up after herself. Will bring her bowl/cutlery into the kitchen after finishing her food. Throws the tissues/ boxes into the dustbin after drinking/using it.
  • Keeps her shoes in the shoe rack when we come home after going out.
  • Helps me around the house when I do the laundry,keeps things after using.

I feel girls are more caring and considerate as compared to boys as she will happily bring me my pair of shoes before we leave the house and she loves coming up to give me hugs and kisses when she sees me. My boys never did that at this age.



Writer’s Workshop: Questioning the Magic of Disney

Monkey Boy and the Princesses

The first time I’ve step into Disneyland was back in 2008 when we brought the boys to Hong Kong Disneyland. The theme park was newly opened and  the kids were excited to have a chance to go to Disneyland and stay at the Disney hotel.

Growing up with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the gang I have been really excited as a kid to step into the magical world which they call Disneyland.  I have always enjoyed watching Disney cartoons and movies on the television and love the fairy tales which they have created.

The boys are not really that into Disney and couldn’t name or identify most of the characters on display when we were there. They were thrilled to go on the rides and see the various decorations. We were lucky that we did not need to queue for a long time to get on the rides and the boys were able to go on all rides which they wanted.

They couldn’t really care about taking photographs with the dolled up characters unless I insisted on taking photographs so that we will be able to remember our time in Disneyland.

The magic of Disney also fell flat for me after entering through their gates.  It was no long as captivating to me as and adult then it was to me as a child to visit Disneyland. The place felt so commercialized to me and a real good marketing strategy which has lasted for more then 50 years. The person who came up with the idea of Disneyland and open theme parks based on it all over the world was a real genius. It has been a real good money making idea with the franchising and patents.

I guess that Disney is a bit “dated” for me and my kids and we are more into Japanese anime/ cartoons then western characters.

Hello kitty still entices me and I’ll definitely visit the Hello Kitty Kingdom when we go to Japan. Even the boys love this cute cat with no mouth.

Are your kids still captured by the Magic of Disney?

Which characters are they into ? ( Disney or non Disney)

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