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Loony Tunes Phonics Review Online Phonics Reading Program

For the past month Doggie boy has been helping me test out the  Looney Tunes ClickN READ® Phonics program Phonics Program. This  web based phonics program  helps children learn to read, by fun games and mini cartoons starting the various stars in the Looney Tune cartoons.

We started off at lesson 12 which was pegged at his current reading ability for his age and moved on all the way to lesson 15.

Doggie boy was thrilled to see mini cartoons which were shown after he has completed the various exercises within the lesson. Having the cartoons broken the monotony of  sitting at the computer and concentrating for the whole lesson. Each lesson started out with identifying of the letter sound and is broken up into 8 small parts. I like the option of being able to replay the sounds so that it is easier for the child identify which letter/ word has been said. I also was able to control the amount of cartoon he got to watch while doing the lesson. There was a report given at the end of the lesson which identifies his weak areas with the option to repeat the lesson or to go on to the next one.

It took Doggie boy a while to get tuned to the accent of the robot giving instructions and being able to replay certain parts really helped him master the phonetic sounds which he was weak in.

The video here shows a walk through of a typical lesson

In all I found this program a great tool to assist parents/teachers in teaching phonics to pre-schoolers and it is interesting enough to captivate their attention.

Looney Tunes Phonics Guaranteed Reading Results! Like Having Reading Tutor In Your Home


Disclaimer: ClickN KIDS® provided  one month trial account  in order to write this review. The opinions expressed are  100% my own. This post has a Compensation Level of 3. Please visit Dominique’s  Disclosure page for more information.


SOC: Bringing up Baby


They say that bringing up a girl is different from bringing up a boy.  After having two boys and now a girl I do notice that there is quite a bit of difference. For once she screams way more then her brothers. I seriously don’t remember them being so noisy at this age.

It has been a joy staying home and watch Tiger girl grow from a tiny infant to a feisty 18 month old toddler she has really changed a lot this past 1.5 yrs.  From toothless grins to a 7.5 teeth smile there has been rapid development in my little girl. She now is able to follow simple instructions and seems extremely mature for her age. I guess with two older brothers at home to learn from it must have accelerated her development.

At 18 months old she is able to do the following

  • Self feed using fork and spoon. It still is a bit messy and I do need to guide her at times but it’s great that she is eating independently.
  • simple
  • Is able to call and address everyone of the family including grandparents.
  • Speaks in 2-3 word sentences. ” Nana (She call’s herself that) wants Cheese!!”, ” Please.. Mummy.. Thank You etc”
  • can follow simple instructions spoken to her in English, Mandarin or Cantonese.
  • Knows how to clear up after herself. Will bring her bowl/cutlery into the kitchen after finishing her food. Throws the tissues/ boxes into the dustbin after drinking/using it.
  • Keeps her shoes in the shoe rack when we come home after going out.
  • Helps me around the house when I do the laundry,keeps things after using.

I feel girls are more caring and considerate as compared to boys as she will happily bring me my pair of shoes before we leave the house and she loves coming up to give me hugs and kisses when she sees me. My boys never did that at this age.