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Writer’s Workshop – Rekindling the Love

At the hotel


Our last stay in a hotel was during our trip last month to Taichung, Taiwan. It was to be a couple trip but since Tiger girl is still too little to be left with the grandparents we let her tag along.  The holiday was my valentine’s day treat and I was having it in advance before R gets too busy with his work schedule and starts flying off on his business trips all over Asia.

It had been a long time since I’ve been on a trip with R. The last trip back to Hong Kong with the three kids doesn’t count as we were so busy handling the kids that there was little time to interact with each other.

This trip to Taiwan was more relaxing as we planned to visit only a few places. We would go off on day trips and return back to the hotel at night.  I wasn’t interested in shopping and visiting the city area as with a toddler in tow shopping is something really difficult to do. We opted to visit the scenic places of interest  like Sun Moon Lake  and went to view the Dragons at the Lukang Lantern Festival.

I also indulged in some yummy foods which are not commonly eaten here in Singapore and had fun tasting the different drinks just to keep warm as the temperature dipped to a chilly 12 degrees while we were in Taiwan.

It was great to be able to stroll hand in hand with R instead of having our hands full holding on to the 3 kids whenever we go out.  We were also able to talk about anything under the sun without having the older kids eavesdropping on us and starting a session of 101 questions. It really felt like we were back to the days when it was just us as a couple starting off with only 1 kid in tow.

When was the last time you went on a holiday with your partner/spouse?

Do you plan for vacations in advance?


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10 Reasons Why you would want to be My Kid

The 3 kids

Being a kid does have lots of perks. They have lots of chances and privileges nowadays as compared to the time when we were a kid. Even though when they grow up they will face more challenges than we currently are facing I’m glad that they are living up being a child.

Here are 10 reasons why you would want to be my kid.

  1. You get lots of love, affection and care from everyone in the family who will dote on you.
    You will always be the prince and princess of the family and extend family.

  2. Presents and treats are aplenty and you don’t even need to wait till your next birthday.
    One needs to just casually mention that you like a certain thing (Ie: Angry Bird) and the grandparents/grand aunties will bring the related clothings , stationary   and toys back from their overseas trips or shopping trips for you.

  3. Traveling overseas happens  yearly and you get to visit many fun and scenic places.
    Last year alone the kids went to Penang, Malaysia, Bali, Indonesia and Hong Kong. This year there are plans to bring the kids to Port Dickson, Malaysia, Korea or Japan and maybe Hong Kong again to visit the family.
  4. You don’t have to be a genius but will get all your help to become the best you can be.
    There are two elementary school teachers and two ex- elementary school principals within the immediate family who are more then willing to coach you in English, Mandarin, Maths, Science, Arts & Crafts, Music and Sports.
  5. You get to go on play dates and holidays are always packed with activities
    Mummy is always there to make sure that you get a balance between study and play even during the holidays.
  6. You can ask to play the same CD a zillion times on the radio and won’t get chided for it.
     Music is highly regarded in our family and enjoying yourself by listening to your favourite CD will never get denied.
  7. You can have the weirdest ideas on how to celebrate your birthday and it may become a reality.
    Mommy  dearest will try her best to let you have a very memorable birthday. Personalized 3D cake, party favors, balloon sculptures etc .
  8. You are allowed to create messes. However you will have to clean up after yourself.
    I believe in letting the child experiment and learn from it. However they do need to be given the tools to be independent and clear up their own messes.
  9. You are allowed to make mistakes and will not be judged for them.
    Making mistakes and having errors are part and parcel of learning and growing up and the best time to make them is when you are a kid.
  10. You are allowed to play WII/ games daily.
    That is provided you have finished all homework and chores for the day.

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